2020 E. Summer Newsletter

Early Summer 2020 Newsletter – Print (PDF)

Changes Due to the Corona Virus

We have started this year’s early summer service on schedule, and yet, in completely unprecedented times. Here is where we would usually talk about the weather, but instead, we must also address a different kind of daily climate and conditions. The Coronavirus remains a concern for our community and we want to reassure you, our customers, vendors, and co-workers, that we continue to take this situation seriously.

As a family-oriented company, the safety and security of our employees, partners and customers is of the upmost importance. We will continue to refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization and other public health agencies to determine the safest course of action.

Specifically, here are steps that we are taking on a daily basis:

  • We will be providing our regular services, however, to minimize risks to you, we will not be knocking on doors or leaving invoices. All invoices and seasonal bulletins will be emailed.
  • Social distancing: We are still available to help you with any questions or concerns via our website, phone and email. If you need to meet in person, we will observe social distancing guidelines.
  • Because we work with chemicals, we are always safety conscious and wear protective gear. However, as part of our regular operations, we have increased the cleaning and sanitization of the warehouse environment.
  • We are following the CDC’s recommendations and will continue to monitor and adhere to their best practice health guidelines.

Despite all the changes that we must contend with, somethings we can rely on to stay the same. The sun will come up, spring weather will warm into summer, and the grass will keep growing.  We will continue to provide the best quality turfcare, tailor-made, for your property.

Also, a reminder: There’s still time to sign-up for Our Flea & Tick Program!

Flea and Tick Control is a separate service from the Regular Turf Care that you currently receive.  It is a five application service (starting in May and running through September) that specifically targets fleas and ticks in your lawn and landscape.  We use a granular product with the same active ingredients as the products applied directly to pets. However, because we are controlling the parasites precisely where they live, in your lawn and landscape, we can use a lower active rate. A lower active rate is even safer for you and your pets. It’s more environmentally friendly and gentle on the beneficial insects in your landscape.

If you are interested in this extra program or have extra questions, please let us know.  We have officially started our regular turf care rounds and you can expect to see us in your neighborhood soon.

Stay safe and have a wonderful early summer!

Gabriel L. Clouser, President
Eric M. Plummer, Vice President