Finocchiaro Lawn & Landscape Annual Lawn Care Program

Season by season we have the correct program for your turf to have you looking great all year long. Click on each of the options below for more detailed information.

spring turf

SPRING: March/April

♦ Fertilization – in each service a special blended fertilizer to fit your lawn’s particular needs.
♦ A strong application of pre-emergent crabgrass control.
♦ Liquid Weed Control is spot-sprayed only where weeds are present.
♦ Spot-seeding and tool spiking performed in bare and thin areas.

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SUMMER: May/June

♦ Fertilization to strengthen the lawn’s ability to resist insects, diseases and summer stress.
♦ Liquid Weed Control.
♦ Grub Control.
♦ Surface Insect Control.
♦ Disease Control – spot-sprayed to control serious fungus or disease problems.
♦ Crabgrass, nutsedge and other weed grass controls.

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summer turf

HIGH SUMMER: July/August

♦ Specially-formulated Slow Release Fertilizer.
♦ Liquid Weed Control.
♦ Surface Insect Control.
♦ Disease Control.
♦ Post-emergent crabgrass, nutsedge, and other weed grass controls, applied as needed.

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fall turf

FALL: September/October

♦ Fertilization.
♦ Liquid Weed Control.
♦ Spot-seeding and tool spiking performed in bare and thin areas.
♦ Insect Control – spot treatment where insects, especially grubs, are still actively feeding.
♦ Nutsedge and Post-Emergent Crabgrass Control as needed.

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late fall turf

WINTERIZING: November/December

♦ Soil test to determine your lawn needs.
♦ Lime.
♦ Liquid Weed Control.
♦ Fertilization – to encourage continued root development and to promote earlier green-up for next season.

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In the Spring and Fall, extra work is performed on an as-needed basis. Extra work can include:

♦ Seed Aeration
♦ Core Aeration
♦ Thatching
♦ Rolling
♦ Topdressing
♦ Soil Stabilization
♦ Complete Lawn Renovations

Disclaimer: FINOCCHIARO LAWN & LANDSCAPE, INC. is not responsible for damage done to your lawn, which is out of our control, such as disturbances of the lawn, severe drought or homeowner’s neglect. These conditions will require extra work and materials which are not included in this estimate.