We are Finocchiaro Lawn & Landscaping

Our company focuses on providing the highest quality of lawn care with the most environmentally conscious and friendly techniques. Through the education of our employees and our customers, we create a beautiful and healthy landscape while continuing to protect our environment. It is our goal to make the world greener, one lawn at a time.

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“Through the education of our employees and our customers, we create a beautiful and healthy landscape while continuing to protect our environment.”

Being a Green Company


At Finocchiaro Lawn & Landscape, Inc. we have been committed to recycling at both our office location and warehouse facilities for years.

At our office, we recycle 100% of our paper products. In addition as part of our efforts to conserve paper, we have been compiling a customer email list so that we would be able to send as much information as possible through the internet. Therefore, if you have not yet given us your email address, please do so at Finolawn@gmail.com. If you do not use the internet, please call us to let us know and we will mark your account accordingly. Last year we combined our yellow invoice with our bulletins to reduce the amount of paper used. To further control the use of paper we have established a website, www.finolandco.com, so you may review all the bulletins about your lawn at your convenience. You too could save money on postage and conserve paper by paying the technician at the time of your service if you are home or by prepaying for the entire season at the start of the year if usually you are not home or travel extensively. If you are interested in paying for the entire season, please email us or call the office and we will give you the cost for this year.

At our office and warehouse by recycling all paper, plastic, and cardboard, we can easily fill two large recycling containers. In addition from our warehouse, we also recycle our used oil, scrap metal and wooden pallets taking it to three separate recycling locations.

Environmental Safety

The most important manner that Finocchiaro Lawn & Landscape, Inc. has been green is in its methods for the “proper” care of your lawn throughout the year. Listed below are the ways we accomplish this:

  1. By having our employees certified through the Delaware Department of Agriculture trained in the proper application of pesticides when needed.

    Finocchiaro Lawn & Landscape, Inc. always has a certified applicator on every job site.
  2. By choosing “the new reduce-use products.” These new chemical compositions help control problems on your lawn and landscape with less active ingredients and with less impact on the environment.
  3. By applying the materials in a controlled fashion through spot-spraying and closely calibrating our granular spreaders.

4) By custom blending our fertilizer based on soil tests. Soil testing for a lawn is like blood testing for people. The information we receive from these tests is invaluable. We use this information to determine the amounts of nutrients to apply or to not apply to achieve a healthy lawn without having the excessive nutrients leach into the ground, ponds, streams or lakes. Our company has earned a separate certification through the Delaware Nutrient Management Division of the Delaware Department of Agriculture to apply nutrients to lawns
in Delaware.

It is important to consider that the best chemicals and fertilizers are the ones that we do not have to use unnecessarily. To help us be efficient and accomplish this on your lawn, please follow closely the mowing and watering procedures we have in the bulletin provided with each treatment. If you would like more detailed information on the mowing or watering of your lawn, please go to our website. Our technicians also carry them when they are at your home to perform your service. These bulletins are especially important to have if you have a professional mowing company or someone maintaining an underground sprinkler system.

Hlandscapeswns and landscape are not only attractive and increase the value of your home, but they are also environmentally effective by removing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. An area of grass, 50 ft. x 50 ft., generates enough oxygen to meet the needs of a family of four and, traps dirt, dust and pollutants from the air. The air from just eight average front lawns provide the cooling effects of about 70 tons of air conditioning, reduces runoff and has the ability to trap and hold rainfall. So, create your own mini environment for your families, pets, birds, beneficial insects, such as butterflies and bees. And in the more rural areas you can create a habitat for larger animals, such as deer and fox. Green lawns and landscapes attract moisture and reduce temperatures, especially during hot, dry periods. Therefore, we invite you to become an environmentalist by planting, maintaining and watering your lawn and landscape.