Lawn and Landscape Consultation

soil testingSoil Testing

Soil testing for a lawn is like blood testing for people. The information we receive from these tests is invaluable. We use this information to determine the amounts of nutrients to apply or to not apply to achieve a healthy lawn without having the excessive nutrients leach into the ground, ponds, streams or watersheds.


Lawn Analysis

Besides the soil test, we will come out and examine your property to determine what conditions are preventing you from having a healthy lawn. For example, do you have:

• Excessive shade
• Landscape beds not extended out far enough to contain your growing plants
• Poor soil conditions
• Excessive thatch, and many other conditions

By analyzing the conditions we can determine where grass will grow, and more importantly where grass is not advisable or where enlarging beds or planting ground cover would make more sense. By looking at your lawn and landscape at the same time we can determine the best direction to go in so we can have the two complement each other and grow in harmony.