Lawn Mower Recommendation


Mower Recommendation

Buying & Servicing Your Lawn Mower

For regular maintenance and repair on all lawn mower models (except Honda), we recommend:
Foulk Lawn and Equipment Company
2018 Foulk Road,
Wilmington, DE 19810

For work on Honda mowers, we recommend:
M&H Enterprise
1600 E. Newport Pike
Wilmington, Delaware 19804

If you are looking to purchase a new mower this year, we highly recommend the Honda Model Number HRX217VKA shown below. This mower is extremely versatile. A light weight, rustproof, plastic deck and variable speed self-propelled drive makes this mower very maneuverable and easy to handle. It is easily started with the pull start and automatic choke. The mower has dual mulching blades and an adjustable bagging system; allowing you to pick up only the amount of clippings you need to, while returning the rest to the lawn. This is also one of the first mowers to offer adjustable mowing heights up to 4", which is an ideal height for lawns. You can purchase this mower at Home Depot or Suburban Lawn & Equipment. Suburban is also an authorized Honda Service Dealer.