Thank you for your interest in our Flea & Tick Program.

The Flea & Tick Program is a separate service from the Regular Turf Care Program that you currently receive.  It is a 5 application service beginning in May and ending in September that specifically targets Fleas & Ticks in the lawn and landscape.  Our Program uses a granular product with the same active ingredients as the products applied directly to the pets, however, because we are controlling the pests in the lawn and landscape we can use a lower active rate which is safer for you and your pets, is more environmentally friendly and does not harm the beneficial insects in the landscape.  As with all of our applications, we recommend watering the product into the lawn and landscape after the application.  Please understand that this program will greatly reduce the flea and tick population, but cannot totally eliminate them.  We recommend protecting yourself and your family with Deep Woods Insect Repellant, which will also protect against mosquitoes.  We also recommend treating your pets with the appropriate protection.

If you would like a proposal for this Program please let us know as soon as possible for scheduling purposes.  If you have any other questions, please contact us at 302-792-2201 or at