2019 Late Spring Newsletter

Our Late Spring Newsletter – Print (PDF)

Dear Customer:

While Spring was slow to start, everything is now in full bloom and beautiful. The constant rains in early March made for difficult working conditions but once we were clear of the wintery weather, everything moved along smoothly. We finished the Spring Service on time and will be starting our Late Spring Service in the next week to apply the grub and insect control to continue to protect your lawns. We want to take this opportunity to talk to you about a few of the invasive insects and pests that are appearing in our area.

Fleas & Ticks:

As the climate changes and our summers become longer and warmer, fleas and ticks are becoming more prevalent than ever throughout the state of Delaware. While these insects do not cause damage to the turf or landscape they can be harmful to our pets and families. Finocchiaro Lawn & Landscape, Inc. offers a program that greatly reduces and helps to control fleas and ticks, including the ones that can spread lime disease. Our Program uses a granular to control the fleas and ticks in the ground without harming the beneficial insects such as bees, butterflies and ladybugs in the landscape. If you are interested in our Flea & Tick Program please contact us for more details at finolawn@gmail.com or at 302-792-2201.

Spotted Lantern Fly:
The spotted lantern fly is an invasive plant-hopper insect native to China, India and Vietnam. The insect has a large number of host plants in the landscape and in agriculture where it can cause significant damage. Pennsylvania has issued a quarantine for the insect in all of the counties where it has been found and is asking for the help of both residents and businesses to help control the spread of the insect. Please visit www.agriculture.pa.gov to learn more about the Spotted Lantern Fly and about how you can help.

Emerald Ash Borer:
The Emerald Ash Borer is another invasive insect from Asia that is causing severe damage throughout the landscape. The beetle lays its eggs in the bark of the Ash Tree and the larva feed beneath the bark, killing the tree. The beetle has caused the death of hundreds of millions of trees across 35 states and parts of Canada. Ash Trees can be treated to help protect the tree from an infestation, however many communities have decided to remove and replace the trees to limit the upkeep cost and possible future damage. Please visit www.emeraldashborer.info for more information about the Emerald Ash Borer or contact your local arborist.
Finally, please be advised that we will be using the Late Spring Service to get your lawn back on schedule; so, you may see us a little sooner than normal because of the late start we had this Spring.

Please note that the company’s new mailing address is:

Finocchiaro Lawn & Landscape, Inc. P. O. Box 9524 Wilmington DE 19809

For those who pay through their bank’s online pay site, please be sure to go in and correct our name and mailing address.

We hope that you enjoy the remainder of this lovely Spring and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on 302-792-2201 or at Finolawn@gmail.com.

Gabriel L. Clouser, President
Erik M. Plummer, Vice President