During the Spring and the Fall Services, we perform spot-seeding and tool-spiking by hand in small bare or thin areas of the lawn.  This allows us to repair minor damage without the use of heavier equipment.   Our grass seed is specially blended depending on the season.

For sunny areas of your lawn in this region of the country, Fall is the best time to seed your lawn.  At this time of the year we use a blend of tall fescue grass seed.  The advantages of this type of grass is that it is more drought and disease tolerant and has an endophyte enhancement which keeps it safe from some surface feed insects.  In addition, because of its bunch type growth pattern, Tall fescue doesn’t develop thatch problems.  In order to derive the above-mentioned benefits from Tall Fescue, this grass must be mowed at a high mowing height.  I would recommend a minimum of 4 inches for maximum performance.

In the Spring, for shady areas of your lawn, which are common in established neighborhoods, we seed with the new, improved chewing and creeping fine fescue.  By seeding with these shade grasses, before the trees produce their full canopy, the seed can better establish themselves since they have more light by which to develop.  Once again by mowing these areas at a higher cutting height, it allows the grass leaf to absorb more of the limited filtered sunlight when growing under a tree canopy.

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