Nutrient Availability as affected by pH of the Soil, Michigan State University Extention

The chart shows how important proper soil pH is to the lawn.  pH stands for the potential for hydrogen in the soil.  pH has an effect upon the availability of many of the chemical nutrients plants require to stay healthy.  An alkaline or high pH can tie up certain nutrients in the soil and make them unavailable to the plant.  In very acidic soil or low pH, some nutrients are made available at levels toxic to the plants.  To lower the pH of alkaline soil, you can apply sulfur.  To raise the pH of acidic soil, you apply lime.  In Delaware, we have naturally acidic soils, which makes the application of Lime very important.  We determine the soil pH on your lawn through pH and soil testing and base our application of lime on that testing.  To see the full chart please follow the link below.

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