Fall 2018 News Letter

Fall Newsletter



It is hard to believe that it is the end of August. Where did the summer go?!

This Summer, as you know, we experienced extreme weather conditions with excessive heat and dry conditions from late June to the middle of July and then the over-abundance of rain from the middle of July into August and then high humidity throughout the Summer. These conditions created an unhealthy environment for your lawn and landscape.

Here are some suggestions for some corrective measures you should consider for this Fall:

Your Lawn

Certain areas of your lawn may thin out each year because of annual grasses, summer stress, insects and diseases; therefore, it will be necessary to have these areas reseeded which would be included in your Fall Treatment.

Prior to your Fall Service, we would like you to be aware of the following.

  • This is an excellent time to give your lawn a good raking.  As in the Spring, get your leaf rake or thatch rake and in any damaged or thin areas rake out those dead grasses; therefore, when your reseeding is done, the seed will be able to make the necessary soil contact needed to germinate.
  • For reducing more of a thatch buildup on your lawn, dethatching or verticutting may be necessary.  In some cases, core aeration will alleviate the problem.  We offer these services at an additional cost and the work would be done at the time of your Fall Service.  Therefore, if you would like us to do the core aeration on your lawn, please let us know now.
  •            All this above-mentioned work should be completed before your Fall lawn service.  Your cooperation with this work is much appreciated.  Our joint efforts allow us to provide the best possible service.
  •  Your Landscape
  • Evaluate your shrubs and trees to see how they survived this Summer.  If you need to replace dead or dying plants, Fall is the best time to do that.  The only late Summer/early Fall pruning would be for the Summer flowering perennials, for example Hydrangeas, which should be pruned as the blooms begin to fade in order to not cut off next year’s blooms.  


For those who pay for our service through their bank’s online pay site, please be sure to go in and correct our name and mailing address to this new one.

Finocchiaro Lawn & Landscape, Inc
P. O. Box 9524
Wilmington DE 19809

Please note that the company’s new mailing address is:

We will be starting our Fall Service shortly.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on 302-792-2201 or at Finolawn@gmail.com.

In some of the areas of your landscape, the mulch may be washed away or compacted and faded looking.  There is a tool called the Garden Weasel which you can find on the internet.  If you use the Garden Weasel running over the mulch, it will not only alleviate the compaction and fading issues, but also could help spread the mulch evenly in the washed out areas.  If some of the mulch areas are less than 2 inches thick, it would be a good time to add a little mulch in these areas.  This will provide protection for the roots of your plants throughout the Fall and Winter months.


             After raking or dethatching you should fill in any thin or low areas or holes in the turf by adding small amounts of topsoil.  This can be done by lightly topdressing ½ to 1 inch spreading the soil into the ground with a garden rake.  This soil can be purchased in 40 lb. bags.  For those who want topdressing, but cannot do it yourselves, our company offers this service at an extra charge.  The topdressing will be done at the time of your Fall Service.

Enjoy the remainder of your Summer!

Gabriel L. Clouser, President
Eric M. Plummer, Vice President


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